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Hello, I am Radovan aka Raul, creator of the General SpaceX Map or SpX Hazard Areas Maps.

General SpaceX Map
The project aims to keep track of public locations where SpaceX operates, like SpaceX Integration-Development-Launch-Landing Facilities, Hangars, Offices, Residences. These places are precisely marked in google maps and supplemented by related textual information, including pictures or enclosed videos.
General Map also contains continuously updated mission ground tracks based on SpX Hazard Areas Maps, together with recovery positions of F9 boosters landing/recovery, boosters water landings, Dragon landing/recovery and fairing landing/recovery positions.

The project originated in December 2015 at first to make an overview of all the test sites and stands at McGregor's growing test facility, but it quickly began spreading through overview of Hawthorne manufacturing sites, individual Launch Complexes, and more and more where SpaceX everywhere it operates.
Later it was also integrated the mission information based on associated SpX Hazard Areas Maps.

SpX Hazard Areas Maps - SpX Hazard Areas#1; SpX Hazard Areas#2; SpX Hazard Areas#3; SpX Hazard Areas#4; SpX Hazard Areas#5; SpX Hazard Areas#6; SpX Hazard Areas#7; SpX Hazard Areas#8; SpX Hazard Areas#9

To create mission information in General SpaceX Map, it were also created next SpX Hazard Areas Maps, with mission information in separated sheets of google MyMaps.
Before each upcoming launch, it provides an overview of all available Launch Hazard Areas, based on Navigational Notices to Mariners (NOTMAR) and Notices To Airmen (NOTAM) or 45th Space Wing Launch Hazard Areas. On the base of that evaluates groundtracks of every Falcon 1, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches as well as Dragon landings.
Part of individual missions are also exact positions of F9 boosters landing/recovery based on Federal Communications Commission applications (FCC), or boosters water landings, Dragon landing/recovery and fairing landing/recovery positions on the base of related recovery boats and their Automatic identification system (AIS) precisely monitored by MarineTraffic or VesselFinder.
At the end of each mission, these all the information are further supplemented by more detailed information related to the weight, or orbit parameters for carried cargo, the individual phases of the booster landing, landing accuracy or related Tweets and other related information. This is also additionally supplemented by photos or related screenshots from videos.
Since April 2018, I'm informing about the news, especially concerning mission information in SpX Hazard Areas Maps via Twitter.

How can you help?

To update the maps, it's necessary to keep a close eye on all the events and related news, with a lot of hours spent and awake nights.
Because I'm quite busy with my primary employment and my family, and amounts of information about SpaceX sites as well SpaceX missions, are expanding geometrically, I've already been seriously considering whether I am able to continue with such update method or spend my free time to other activities.

Your donations will definitely help me to be motivated for the next updates!

Thanks for your support!

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