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About Me

My name is RaunchyRam and I enjoy making various forms of YouTube and Livestreaming Content. My day job is actually taking care of my Disabled Partner Robbie, as he is mostly able to take care of himself I don't get payed much. But his disabilities require me to be home at all times, he can have Seizures if I am not present which can be a danger to his life. So we do have money trouble, but there is really nothing we can do about it. Right now I only monetize my guides as those videos are the only ones that take actual work to make. 

As a Twitch Streamer I stream some of the latest and greatest video games to grace console and PC alike and I do this about 6 hours a day everyday except Monday and Friday. On Monday and Friday I stream PS4 Gameplay (because Xbox One can't stream to YouTube without a PC and mine is weak) on YouTube Gaming. The rest of my day consists of following trends, researching, playing, recording, and editing gameplay for YouTube. It's very time consuming but I find it rewarding when I remember how much my guides help others.

Why should you donate?

All I ask is just a couple bucks here and there, to be honest donating me $0.10 a month is more than I would make if you watched every one of the videos I post in month (if they were monetized). So don't think of it as a handout, think of me as a performance artist and this is my tip jar. As some extra incentive, all money donated goes into upgrading my PC so I can provide even higher quality content. With a better PC I can stream using my PC which means higher resolution and framerate on console games and the ability to record PC gameplay.

Donation through Patreon is monthly, but if you donate to me via Paypal with the email [email protected] you can do a one time donation.

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Because my PC uses a mobile chipset that means my GPU is Onboard. When I change to the new Motherboard my old processor won't be compatible with the socket, and by extension the onboard GPU. I looked around and this is the one that isn't the best but good enough for the price. This will let me play PC games in 1080p and with the CPU upgrade I will be able to Stream and Record in 1080p.
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