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is creating tech tutorials, recommendations, and reviews on gadgets
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About William Bakke

Greetings! Welcome to RavenHawkTech!
My Name is William Bakke I'm an Advisory IT Consultant by day; and by night I fight crime as the alias RavenHawkTech! wait... no I'm a YouTuber!

Please join me on my YouTube channel for my technical walk-through tutorials, projects and everything else I find Interesting in the Tech Geek World, I enjoy making my videos, but for now it's my part time hobby, I'd like to be able to put more time, energy, and money into my tech channel; If you would like to help me out by by donating any amount of money you want here, I am grateful to all kinds of support even if it's just a $1 because that dollar can make the difference in the quality, consistency, and variety of technical support videos I can produce. So thank you very much for your support and make sure to have a look at the goals and rewards of my Patreon Campaign.

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