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If you want to support development in general for the good of all mod  makers and game developers, then this is the tier for you. No tier has any extra functionality as that would defeat the purpose of the project. You have my thanks, and the thanks of everyone  who uses the software. We couldn't do it without the support of people like you. 
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If you want to help decide direction of this Patreon then this is tier for you. Every month or so I will create a voting poll offering several areas to choose from. It might include tutorials, lectures or simply focus on implementing features for my projects. You have my thanks and I am  looking forward to the road ahead. This tier also grants you access to exclusive Discord server.

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Welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Jan Orszulik. I've spent last five years working as a Lead artist/Technical artist on an indie game project. In that time I've obtained knowledge I would like to share as well as some tools I made originally for myself. But that's not the only thing I made this page for, or at least why I am expanding it now. There are gaming projects I have had in my mind for a very long time and that I would like to make happen with your help.

For developers, this is the place where I will share my know-how, and where you can support the development of tools for developers and modders alike. Tools that I've made available to public for free. This page will provide you with tutorials and articles, often created as a response to frequent requests and questions I have been getting. To download ModLab for free, you can visit https://store.steampowered.com/app/768970/ModLab/... ModLab is a tool I've developed for the modding community of Wayward Terran Frontier to offer an alternative way of generating and processing normal maps. However, it quickly made its way beyond that scope. To this day ModLab has amassed over 11 000 unique activations and is used by moders and both amateur and professional developers alike.

For gamers, this is the place where you can support the development of my independent game projects. Projects that are not affected by publishers or co-creators, which gets me to the next point. This Patreon will be a place for fair, honest information exchange, and sometimes cruel truth that needs to be said. A truth that was removed from the market and industry over the years in attempt to raise product sales a bit by lying to the users and manipulating them. You won’t find PR nonsense and lies here. Respects will be found for those that are to be respected, answers for those who ask. I believe that diplomatic lying to users has brought the issues we have now into being. It was the base stone for creating toxic communities, which later caused the division between users and developers. There was never supposed to be a fight between those sides, this is not how it is supposed to work. This was always meant to be a symbiotic relationship. My products will never include microtransactions nor lootboxes, there won't be complex psychology-based designs to just get money from target audience. I will always be honest with you even for the price of losing both customers and Patrons. You won’t see extra catering to youtubers or influencers, they are NOT more important than you, but are just another group that wants to use developer products, same as you do. However, in return I expect a mature community that doesn't believe that buying the game gives them the ability to control and boss around the developer. Again, respect will be exchanged only for respect. I will listen to your feedback, but you have to respect my insight about a project into which I often put more than a thousand hours.

Expanding on fair place. Any Patron with processed lifetime total patronage of 8 USD and above will receive any product within this development cycle for free if such product has been released commercially. Check below to see the exact list of projects.

Current projects:
  • ModLab (Free - Tool)
  • Project World Ender (Game)

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Enough income to justify spending development time on this project. Updates will be more common and voting polls will be either more frequent or options more juicy.
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