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You'll be able to see what I'm going to post before anyone else.  Technically, you're could think of it as 'donating a coffee'.  <3
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You get access to wart I typically wouldn't post, such as continuations to comics or comics made specially for those who support me.
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You get access to higher quality art, like paintings or special-event artwork I make.  Nobody else will see this artwork.  You also gain access to see gifs I make.




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About Ravenue

Hello there! 
I'm an artist who enjoys making various types of art.
I create a lot of it completely for free, of course, but definitely love to vary what I do.  I practically draw every day.
  So why pledge?
You get to see:

• Art before anyone else does!
• Give me ideas on what you would like to see next
• Art progress and art I've deemed something I 'don't like'
• More detailed art that I rarely do
• Exclusive, and continuations of, comics that others don't get to see!
• Discounts on any possible merchandise I may make (In the future if things go well)
• And quite a few other things

Lastly, to thank all of those whom do support me on here:
• If you have pledged, you may, once a month, contact me and see about getting a piece of artwork done specially for you (Example: Of your own character, of you, or any kind of comic you might like to see, that only you get to see)

Every pledge that is made is very much so appreciated. Thank you, even if you only consider it.

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I'm looking to save up to buy some newer, better equipment.
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