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I kept noticing this Patreon logo on Alpharad, Gilded-guy, Cryptid-Creations, and many more's content so I decided to check it out. This seems to be a great place to show my stuff, not only to get paid, but to hopefully get constructive criticism to do better in my content and make it better. As a new member, I don't really know how to run this page well, so tips would be very much appreciated.  

I love playing video games so I thought, hey, why not do lets plays?
Currently I am using an Elgato Capture card with my Alienware Laptop.
My love for music.

Right now, the tool I use to make music is Rytmick Ultimate.

It all started with Rayman Arena when I was 6 years old, the soundtrack not only inspired me to be a musician, but to figure how to utilize every instrument to create unique and great music. This game also inspired me to pursue the career of game design. Okay I know im saying i want to do a lot of these things, but I just have such a love for these subjects, and experience something, a person somewhere, would love.

Rayman Arena showed me the advantages of mixing genres together in a creative, fun, and awesome way. I mean look, this is auto-tuned opera singing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S93qAt0_-7I

I REALLY want to make songs like this, songs that sound sad, creepy, emotional, atmospheric, distorted, happy, groovy, dreamy, or intense. Oh! We cannot forget bada$$(FYI I don't like to curse, I don't mind when others do, just not from my mouth, or text in this case.)
I really miss the record scratching from the 80s to early 90s, knowing how some can make it sound great still, when combined with stuff besides rap, not that rap is bad, I like all genres, EXCEPT gossiple, Christian rock I do like though. Diiid I forget to mention I want to learn how to write lyrics? Yeah, that too.

This actually relates to me creating characters, I have concept art for a fictional band called the Oddcast, inspired by Gorrillaz. I haven't posted anything about them do to messing around with their designs. Am I doing too much? I don't know. A teacher of mind once tolled me, "If I get any idea, write it down on paper, or PC." 

Plus I want to make songs for my video games as well, theres that too.

I feel like I'm going to love this site, really.
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