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is creating Soundtrack music, Voice Overs, and sound effects
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About Raymond Miller

Hello, my name is Raymond and I'm a music composer/ voice actor/ director on YouTube that, like pretty much everyone else with these interests, is strapped for cash. I'm currently writing music for multiple animations on YouTube including SSS Warrior Cats, Chasm Crossing, Omen of the Stars, Nonsanity Colors and various other projects. My goal in this is to develop my craft and learn how I can make my creations better and better with each attempt. However, sometimes for financial reasons, I cannot develop my craft as well as it could be, and that's where you come in.

I will be labeling the money made on a monthly basis. Any money I make from this Patreon will go strictly to helping me further my learning in both music composing and voice acting, and eventually living. The money will go towards acquiring better sounding digital instruments, actual instruments to play and record, and hiring professional artists or singers to perform and contribute to the quality of my songs. My eventual goal is to earn money by doing 1 or more of my hobbies listed (being paid through here would be nice, but I aim to be paid professionally). With your help I'll be able to purchase better equipment and  along with it, continue to learn about music and what I can do with it.

If you'd like to help out, that's great and you will have my undying gratitude and a million virtual hugs. I hope we can create some wonderful things together.


My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK7H-4F1Tss-lU4HH...

My SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/vasadendric-1
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This will allow me to create and write music as if it were a part time job. I've never really considered music a hobby as much as it was my only means for living. Right now there is no other option for me besides music or voice over. None at all. There's nothing else that really interests me as much, or keeps me coming back. If I'm able to write music as for a living, then I'll be satisfying one of my goals in life and I'll only want to take it further. If I can write music for a living, what's to say I can't write it for films on the big screen, or video games in your living room? It will definitely help as I continue to learn and develop my skills and talents, and what do you get in return? Music you can use for your own projects!
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