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Once a month I will do a segment at the end of one of my videos that will show credits to those that help to support my channel. Anyone that donates $1/month (the minimum) will be listed in those credits.

This is the only Tier I have, and will not lock content behind a "Pay Wall". I do this because I will not hold my content hostage. I understand that some would like to support my content, but they may not be able to share more than $1/month, or none at all. I will not punish them because of this.

For that reason, ALL of my content is free for you to view, at the same time it is released to everyone else. Also, anyone that donates will have their name added in the list of credits, no matter how much, or how little they donate. So, if you are donating large amounts each month because you are after prestige, then my Patreon page is not the one for you. You will not be treated any different than anyone that donates $1/month.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope that I can continue to share content that you like.





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About me?

I am Razar. Some of you may know me as Razar2380 on YouTube, or by other names I have gone by in previous games I have played. Names such as Razar1, Sumnerguardian, and Sumnerguardian1. Depending on what game I was in, and guild (clans/fleets) I was with, I used different names in the past. But Razar was the one that I always preferred.

I have played video games since I was a young child, starting with the Atari. (Yars Revenge is my favorite Atari game). I have played on almost all of the consoles before PS4, Xbox One, and Switch came out. In the past, when some of my friends had trouble getting past part of a game, they would let me borrow the game, if I didn't have it, so that I could figure it out. I used a tape recorder to record what I was doing, then I would use a word document to transcribe it for them to use as a written walkthrough. A few gamers that did written walkthroughs as well ask if they could use some, or all of mine for games, because they were so detailed. So I do have experience with gaming, and walkthroughs.

In 2006 I was injured on the job at a production plant I worked at. I have been disabled since then. Because I have ADHD, I try to find things for me to do. Not too long ago, my brother got a desktop. At the time he got it, neither of us knew much about PCs. The salesman that sold it to him lied about what it would do (as far as gaming). So, after he got a better PC that he could game on, he let me use the old one.

Last year (2017) he upgraded the graphics card (luckily before the prices went up), and also upgraded the power supply. Because of these upgrades, I was able to not only play better, newer games, but I was also able to use the graphics card to record videos. I always wanted to upload videos to YouTube, and this was my chance. So I began doing that near the end of last year.

I do enjoy gaming, and try to get videos out as much as possible when my health is not interfering with doing so. I have done Role Play (RP) videos in the past, as well as regular Let's Plays, and Playthroughs. I do enjoy editing the videos, and also producing videos that I hope are entertaining.

What kind of content do I make?

I want my YouTube channel to be appropriate for all ages. For that reason, I do not do videos with violence, nudity, or any other content that may inappropriate for young children. The types of games I play are like Farming Simulator 17 (and hopefully soon Farming Simulator 19), Subnautica, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Elite Dangerous (I avoid fighting in this game), and Minecraft. Thanks to my brother, and Xstreamgaming99 (a friend of mine on YouTube), I have this selection of games to play, and share with my viewers. They have been generous enough to donate games for me to be able to play.

I will be doing new series very soon for some of these games.

Why Patreon?

First, I will not lie to you and say that I need money to be able to make videos. Honestly, we know that is a lie. It is true that making videos takes time, but since I am disabled, I have plenty of time. The reason I have started this Patreon account is because I have no income. Any money made through Patreon will go towards getting better equipment to do better quality videos, and hopefully be able to get a better PC so that I can eventually do live streaming. The processor I have now is too old to be able to do it.

Also, since it will be my only income for a while, I will also use it to help cover some of my personal expenses so that it can reduce the load on my brother, who has been trying to cover my expenses for years now.

So, if you do like the content of my videos, and want to do more than hitting the like button and subscribing, then you now have a way to do so. If you would like to support me on here, you can do so for as little as $1 per month, or more if you wish.

I do thank you for taking the time to check out my page here. Please, have fun and happy gaming.


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