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Full time single dad making this YouTube channel to keep myself out of trouble and focused on doing positive things in my life. Just a huge nerd all around.
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My personal goal that I'm working towards is being able to afford a pardon for an assault charge that is on my adult record from when I was 18 years old. It says $631 per month but that's only because my old ass doesn't know how to change it properly :/

The government has made it progressively harder in the last decade since I've been eligable to get a pardon and the price is currently at $631 just to start the proceedings with more fees down the line.

There is apparently changes in the works to reduce this price at some point in the future but nothing official has been announced.

I'm no saint and have learned a lot from the different mistakes I've made throughout my life. They taught me important lessons that I took with me, and one of my closest friends was somebody I met in jail as a teenager.

The reason I want to have the pardon is because it limits certain functions I perform in my real life career, but more importantly one of my "bucket list" life goals is to take my daughter Michaela to a live NFL game.

As far as the YouTube thing goes, I would love to be able to travel to Blizzcon and do some unique coverage for the channel. I need to be able to receive a pardon first before I can cross legally into the United States again.

Here is an official link to more information about the Canadian pardon system to you can see I'm not full of shit lol...
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