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About Real Home Recording

My name is Adam and I am the producer of the web site and YouTube channel Real Home Recording.

Since 2011 I have released over 600 audio engineer related videos including monthly live question and answer broadcasts. The goal from the beginning was to help fellow audio engineers get the most from their gear and software. The online audio school playlists and the recently launched are among my proudest creations.

In February 2014, I announced a new concept for the Real Home Recording YouTube channel called Audio Skeptic Reports ASR was eventually renamed Audio Skeptics Society. ASS videos are in-depth audio gear videos that put product manufacturer claims to the test. Two hardware products were reviewed since the original announcement. The Shure KSM8 microphone ( and the FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor

The Audient iD14 interface was to be reviewed soon after the KSM8 videos but unfortunately, I ran into a lot of hurdles getting those videos made.. I did manage to release some video material but it wasn't enough.

Over the years Real Home Recording has provided its audience many tutorials, software reviews and philosophy videos. Where RHR sorely lacked was hardware reviews. As of July, 2017 I want to bring the ASS back. Renamed the Audio Gear Skeptics Society (for now, at least) my goal is to do many seasons of videos that will dispel myths and give a thorough comparison of various audio engineering hardware that a home studio owner might use.

An online savings account, separate from my personal and business finances, will be set up to collect Patreon transactions. The interest accrued will go towards achieving the $1,559 goal.

The Consumer Reports organization ignored my emails to provide fair and unbiased reviews of audio products. So with your help and generousity I am willing to take up the challenge so that the entire audio gear consumer community can benefit.

If you decide to become a patron, you will be rewarded at the highest amount total that you've donated. So, if you start at the $25 level and then drop down to $5 you will keep the reward. Or if you donate at the master level and never donate again you'll still receive all the rewards at the lower tiers (via email) once the goal amount is met and the videos are recorded/edited.
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Audio Gear Skeptics Society: APi 550b equalizer vs. plugin emulations.
Ever wanted to know how the real API 550b hardware EQ compares to its plugin counterparts? With this video series, you will. A break down of expenses can be found at
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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