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I've created 'The Real Magician' YouTube channel (click here to subscribe) to show you why I love magic. 


Magic can mean different things to different people. But for me, magic isn't about the magician or the "illusion." Real magic, as I call it, is a celebration of the oldest art--indeed the oldest form of communication known to man. Before spoken language ever existed, ancient tribes would gather in amazement to witness the creation of fire, which to them confirmed the existence of real magic.

In today's world of social media platforms and ever-shortening attention spans, it is extremely rare for people to be fully engaged in a moment of time, with total awareness of themselves and their environment. An amazing performance of real magic is one of the few things that still has the ability to totally suck people into the present moment. It is during these moments of heightened awareness that people tend to "vibe" with each other on a super-conscious level, leading to the creation of an amazing snapshot in time which they will never forget.

In spite of all the "magic shows" we see on TV, very few productions have been able to accurately portray the real art of magic. It is for this reason that I created the Real Magic Project. Armed with a GoPro camera, I've ventured out into the real world with the goal of capturing real magic moments as they occur. From the viewpoint of participants, spectators, and myself--what you'll see in these videos is raw, unscripted, and uncut. Without the benefit of professional camera work or editing, I've attempted to bring you the world's first Real Magic Show.  
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Raise $1000 for Relay for Life.  As of March 2017, 100% of all donations made to my Patreon will go directly to Relay for Life.
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