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If you support my art (for what ever reason), then why not leave a small tip while stopping by? 

I will be most grateful, and try even harder to make you guys happy!

Sketchy coffee date?
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oh boy, I get to drink a cup of coffee!

Every patron who pledges this much will recieve a free inked sketch of one of my characters every month!

images will only be a bust (head and shoulders)

A message will be sent to figure out details on the piece

One monochromatic Character
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I will draw one character, mine or yours, in any one color you desire.

Reference material and descriptions needed (especially for coloring)

There will be a message sent for information and details on the piece.



About Melandeity

Well... Hello there! 

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Melandeity (aka. Inky) and welcome to my Inky World!

I am an aspiring artist just trying to make ends meet with what I do best. I try to make original characters and fan art every month as much as I can, and I hope to share as much fun as I can with you guys! Yes before you ask, I do draw lewd and explicit content! I will not, however, post them up on patreon! I do try to focus on the Safe-For-Work side of things, besides... think about the children!

"Okay okay, so what am I getting for supporting this loser?" you may be asking. Well, If you choose to be a monthly Patron then you will not only get content from me early, but you will also receive many rewards listed on my pledges
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