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About Mike White

A lot of the best fiction blends together genres in a way that no one had encountered previously. Lord of the Rings used what people thought of as children’s fairy tales before combined with epic war stories. Harry Potter was one of rthe first and certainly most famous examples of urban fantasy, a combination of the story of a community and its school along with magic.

My goal on this site is to do the same, namely, to create genre-blending stories like you’ve never seen before.

Current Projects -NEWCOMER-(Optimistic Post Apocalyptic SciFi/Fantasy Dystopia)
Imagine you wake up in the woods, and last you remember, you were crippled and blind. But now-you can see and you can walk. You’re in some kind of glass pod, and it’s like you have a second chance. But how did you get there? What happned to you? Who did this?
The world of newcomer is surreal and done in short chapters from just a few hundred words to a few thousand per chapter. Patrons will get early access and possibly exclusive content.
Stories Per Month: Goal is a Minimum of 2 (minimum rises to 4 at “Part Time” goal.
-REALITY ZERO-(Existential/SciFi/Man Becomes God)
Viruses get so bad in the future, that virtual reality worlds have to be nested one inside the other to keep them safe without risk. A mysterious piece of software called the Program allows anyone from our reality to create an entire world with its own rules, and so we become the gods and demons of the virtual worlds below us.
But what does any of it matter if you don’t think any of it is real?
Stories Per Month: 0-1 (At “full time” I’ll commit to doing at least one per month, though these tend to be novelettes or longer and much more thoroughly edited. It’s like a ¼ section of a novel.
-THE BLOOD CALLS YOU BACK (Geek Romance/Paleolithic Time Travel)
This is a Newcomer World story (so set in the same universe as “Newcomer”)
Except, if you’re a “person” from one of those virtual worlds, gods who think of you as fake can be a terrifying prospect...
-WORLD SHARDS (stories that aren’t stories)
These are flash fiction stories that are between a few hundred and a few thousand words long that are more like little glimpses into worlds than full stories. Some of them may not even really have have proper conflict and resolution in them.
Stories Per Month: 0-2 (Part Time should let me do at least 2 of these per month at a minimum. Double that at Full Time.
What You Get Out of It-
I’m going to constantly be brainstorming to add more perks and things, but here are some of my initial ideas:

  • Exclusive Content-My stories will be set in many different universes, but, especially in the beginning, there will be two major ones, ‘Newcomer” and “Reality Zero.” Multiple storylines will be set in one of these two universes.Each storyline will be a puzzle piece that fills out the world. And some of these puzzle pieceswill be accessible to patrons only. There will be references in other stories to the exclusive patreon content that are critical for understanding it all. That means that only you will have the full picture of what’s happening in the universe in the end!
  • Read It First-You’ll get to read some of the more cliffhanger-y stories before anyone else, including Newcomer for starters. Wait less time to find out what happens next!
  • Bad Poetry-Various rewards and tiers will have me trying to string together bad poetry to show my thanks. You’d be surprised just how great I am at penning rhyming couplets that are totally devoid of melodious meter and rhyme of any kind.
  • Free Time Travel Machine-(Warning, time travel machine 100% metaphorical). Seriously though, I’ll keep thinking of great stuff to add as things move along.

Help Me Internet, You're My (Most Awesomest) Hope-Every dollar you help me out with is one that I don't have to spend writing about just how great coat hangers are (seriously). I'm going to be writing what I can anyway, but there will be a whole lot more of it if I don't have to contribute as much to nonsense Internet noise to make a living. Thanks Internet for any help you give me if/whenever that happens. You are quintessentially teh r0xors.

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