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About Thomas R. Hart Jr. (RecD)

Hello there. My name is Thomas R. Hart Jr. but you probably know me as Recorderdude or RecD. I'm a composer, writer, voice actor and (occasionally) animator. You may have seen the Sonic Heroes musical parodies I directed for Sonic Paradox, Seaside Denied and Metropolis Mayhem, many years ago. Since then, I've moved on to create and direct a third entry to that series (which is slowly being animated) and, more recently, UNDERSONG, a musical based on the video game UNDERTALE, with new story elements and a completely original score, spanning every genre of music from Classical to Metal to Jazz to Rap. UNDERSONG has been in the works since a week after the game came out, and I am its creator, sole composer, director, lead writer and voice of Papyrus and Sans.

I've been passionate about creating and directing since I was a kid (no, really, here's the awful proof) and have been creating animation, music and more on YouTube since 2007. Fate has been...less than kind to me, leaving me with several severe, incurable medical conditions that make daily life painful and difficult, and finding/maintaining a full-time job to support myself nigh impossible. This, however, has made me more determined than ever to succeed in the creative industry, as it's honestly the only option I have left to help make ends meet, and my hardships fuel my desire to tell unique, meaningful stories with my work.

Patreon gives me the opportunity to have my creative work directly correlate to my financial stability, and thus, more time to focus on my work and less time stressing out about my survival. Please consider supporting me on Patreon to help me and my work push forward against the odds!
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