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About Reconsiderate

I am Reconsiderate, your friendly neighborhood thinker.  I provide Support for The Human Experience.

The world is ready for live music to make a come back, and I'm happy to be a part of that movement.  In my live show, I give my audience an engaging and dynamic one-night-only experience every time.  Highly emotive and energetic in my delivery, I perform my lyrics on top of beats that I create on the spot using vocal percussion and my looper.  Much of each beat is improvised; for example, basslines and melodies are always made up on the spot.  So every time you see me perform, it's something new, something more updated and evolved.  It's a great reason to keep coming out to the venue, show after show.

The vocal percussion/looper remixes are just for the live experience though.  I don't make studio recordings of that.  I do make albums, with my lyrics set to studio-produced beats.  When I'm writing lyrics, it is generally an outward reflection of me working through some internal challenge I'm dealing with.  I'm proud to be able to say that my rap therefore reflections an arc or pathway from struggle to resolution.  That's something you can take advantage of, and apply in your own life where necessary.

Most recently (summer 2018), I've begun to explore a new style in my studio albums.  I am merging my free form lyrical flow with my proggy production style.  I'm calling it Prog Rap.  The flavor is solid, so I look forward to where this will take me in the next few years.  Join me for the ride!


My goals in the forthcoming years are to:
 - continue to produce new music exploring my Prog Rap style
 - increase the number of live shows I perform, and frequency
 - increase the distance/reach of my live show in the surrounding region

All of the above costs me a fair amount of $$$ out of pocket, so your support here on Patreon facilitates and eases my financial costs...

Thank you!
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When I reach 10 patrons, I'll send a signed CD to each patron.  Each patron gets to select which CD they'd like signed, and anything they'd like written into the message.
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