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Hello, my friends.
I'm new here and ready to draw. From Portugal, after a long time drawing for fun, I decided to take it into the next part as work. I love to draw Transformers since a long time and with classes and other people's opinions, I expanded beyond it into superheroes, myths, etc. All in my own style, of course. So care to come by and ask me to do it so. I'll only take 3 commissions at the time, so it can be easy to me and I'll do it hand-draw (if that's how people say). Comics are a big desire I have to do, so when time is ready, I'll let you all know when I start my first one. Anyway I am glad to be here and I hope I'll have a great time with you. Visit me at:

Time to roll out!
$0 of $10 per month
With the Summer still happening, I would like to earn some money while I still can. So I am still open for you, my friends, no matter what. This is only the rookie start, so I'll start small. Once 10$ is reached, I'll created a free special draw for you all
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