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My eternal gratitude! keep supporting :3
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All the previous rewards.
You are AWESOME. 
  • by this it will help me to get cubes to review and to unbox.
  • I will follow you on your social media.
  • I will chat with you personally 1 on 1
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All the previous rewards
  • This will help me to get lubes, cubes etc 
  • I will put your channel link in my video description
  • I will thank you in the end of my upcoming videos
  • You can give me a video topic and I will make it, but only cubing related. 




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Hey guys! My name is RedFire Pratham, And I make speedcubing videos on puzzles and wca related cubes/puzzles.

So I make various types of videos related to cubing which include unboxing videos, tutorials on how to get faster and various types of things and reviews in which I review a puzzle or anything related to speedcubing for example :- lubes, stickers, etc. 

I need your help! 
In the above video, as you can see. I don't have a microphone to voiceover my videos, and I was using my phone to do the voiceover, but the voice quality is so horrible that my voice is echoing in the video. Making a good 3 min cubing video takes hours to make and also it takes lot of hard work and effort. I have a passion for making good quality cubing videos, but I can't afford the things required for it. Also I want to get a good editing software to make my videos look professional, but they are so expensive that I could'nt afford it. My main aim is to upgrade my pc, which will get me less times to render videos and upload it to youtube. Now I have a super old computer in which I can barely use a poor editing software and edit videos on it. Now I don't have anything by which my videos will look professional. I need your help to support me. I promise my videos will be one of the best cubing videos on youtube, But I need your support. Please help me :( I also want to interact with you guys and do a livestream, but due to my poor internet connection I cannot do that also. So I really need your help. Your support will really help me overcome all of the hurdles I have right now in front of me.

With your help I can
  • Make professional looking cubing videos.
  • Conduct livestreams which I can't do right now due to my slow internet connection.
  • Make the latest cubes available to make unboxings and reviews.
  • Upgrade my pc.
  • Get professional lights
  • Get professional software.
  • Get a good quality microphone.
  • Get a good tripod.

So that's all I want to say, and please help me to grow my channel.

Also: Like my videos, comment your questions, and SUBSCRIBE.


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I want to get those amazing lights for my setup. By which my videos will look one of the best on youtube for cubing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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