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Hey guys, Red Gambit here. I make a lot of content on YouTube designed to help build and support the fighting game community, and help bring new players into the fold. I also I promote universal love and acceptance of Juri as the supreme waifu.

The reason I've made a Patreon is because I need YOUR support. I've made videos and content daily for over four years, with almost no monetary support because I love doing it. It's a passion of mine. I've always told people that if they're going into YouTube for the money, they're going to be disappointed. But now the channel has fallen on hard times, and I've lost my main source of income which allows me to create content.

This is where you come in: with your support, not only can I continue making content for YouTube, but I can also create bonus, exclusive content for Patreons to reward you for your generous suppport.

Yeah, but what do I get for my money?

Exclusive content! That's a thing, right? There's a bar on the side of the page which tells you what's delish, because I don't expect you to offer your support without getting something in return. You worked hard (presumably) for your money, and I want to make sure you're satisfied with your investment in me. Plus you'll get to sleep soundly every night knowing that you're helping bring more people into a supportive, nurturing part of the FGC that's not filled with toxicity and hate.

Oh, did you just hit that pledge button? In that case I'm shaking your hand right now. Or giving you a warm hug. Just picture it. Ahhhh, feels good.

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