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Patrons should not pledge to me. They simply should see my work, and support if they like it. The main reason why i'm here is, because i don't have a job, and i can't find one in this collapsing country, thus i can't fund myself. I don't need lots of money, just enough so i can equip myself and continue developing my skills and my style. Trough painting is the mental healing, at least, that's what i think. Also, trough painting i can show the world who i am, why i am who i am and what is my goal, and my goal is simple... i want to progress, i want to create and i want to connect with people and be a part of artistic community of the world.
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When i accumulate enough funds for my goals, i will select few (if able) patrons, and reward them for their help.
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By equipment i mean canvases, acrylic paints, brushes and finally a drawing tablet.
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