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Matthew here!

The Red Mountain Express podcast was created in order to bring you relevant news, topics, information, and guest interviews from the greater Birmingham, Alabama area and beyond.

With so much going on around us these days and so many potential sources of news (and noise), Blake and I wanted to create a singular source of news and entertainment that would matter to our friends, family, and neighbors and in a short format that our listeners could fit into their busy week.

But without you, our listeners and supporters, our podcast doesn't exist!  So, if you are supporting us here on Patreon, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!  Every dime and dollar you send our way helps to encourage us and keep our equipment running (as well as gas in our cars and coffee in our cups) and truly means more to us than you can imagine.

And if you aren't able to support us with your money, that's OK!  The fact that you are downloading our podcast and taking time to listen to it means a ton to us!  Seriously!  That's the whole reason we're doing this!

We hope that you're enjoying our content as much as we enjoy creating it.  Keep listening and spreading the word to your friends and family and be sure to rate and review us on iTunes and Facebook (it makes a huge difference)!

For more information about our podcast and about us, go check out our website at  We're also on Facebook (, Twitter (@RedMountainExpr), and Instagram (RedMountainExpress)!

With many, many thanks,
    Matthew Joiner
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We didn't create the Red Mountain Express in order to become rich or famous.  We created it in order to bring our friends, families, and neighbors information and entertainment pertaining to the world around them. 

With $85 of support a month, our hosting and support costs will be met and the Red Mountain Express will officially break even!  That may seem like a small goal but to us, it'd be nothing less than amazing.

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