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I'll send a personal Thank You for helping me out. I'll also contact you in search for your Skype account, hoping that my patron will reach the goal of $100. (see goals if unclear)
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To continuously make interesting content, a person must have time. Getting help from my community and the internet in general is the best idea that comes to mind. By pledging to me, it turns my "hobby" of creating videos into a real, breathing entity. I'll have more time to create, share, and advance in the ever changing world that is YouTube. Which is quite difficult when you've just graduated high-school and decided to move 1,000 miles away.

Now, there isn't a lack of content on YouTube, that of which I am aware. Though, if you're interested in my line of work and my personality, pledging to me is the #1 way to support me. If you want to pitch in, I recommend that you take a look at the goals I have and the rewards I'm providing for the beautiful characters who want to see my channel stay strong!
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The classic way to get to know your YouTuber, an AMA. I will accept all questions, and will answer all questions. It's simply your job to be creative enough to answer the right questions! And of course, I can't reach $50 on my own, that part is on all of you as well.
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