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Yosh! Reda here. Thank you for deciding to check out my patreon page! :D

Most of you will know me from my fanfiction pages. Currently, I write mostly for the Dragon Ball couple Goku and Chi-Chi (though I do write for other couples). I have always felt off about getting money for fanfics, but after talk between friends, I've decided that fanartists do this all the time and I've reached a point in life where any little donation someone is willing to make will help me get off the ground and get something original published. Because, yes, I also write original fantasy. I will also post about that here as well as the fanfiction, but I figured most of my audience would be interested in the fanfiction I create. So, here I am.

What do you get? 
- Chats with the author, tidbits and information about upcoming stories, sneak peeks before the release of a chapter, a fully beta-d chapter before the rest of the public, and even a monthly drabble at your request if you pledge high enough!

What does this money go towards?
- While I am married and we both have a job, we are barely paying expenses and the student loans have just hit a difficult point. I owe close to $30,000 in loans and would love to be able to use my creative skills to help pay those off quicker so that I can get on with my life omigosh. I know a lot of people deal with atrocious student loan debt, here in America especially, but every little bit helps.
- Though this doesn't affect my fanfiction, if I can lower my personal debt, then I can have more ease when it comes to publishing an actual novel or going to cons to meet editors and agents for my original stories and stuff. Or even go back to school for more knowledge in writing, attending workshops that are far away from my home, that kind of thing. (All of which costs money because money makes the world go round and all) 

I've seen you giving out free requests on tumblr; what makes a monthly one so special?
- Well, I only do those at milestone follower counts, and then they're closed. This is sort of the same thing, except they'll keep on coming once a month for however long you have requests in mind.

Will this mean your updates will come faster?
- Hopefully, hah. I want to be a published author for original works one day, so this will jump-start me into having a deadline that is more than just me making a personal deadline. 

In that case, how often will content come out?
- Once a week is my goal! Hence the monthly pledge.

About Those Monthly Drabbles...
- I am open to any pairing with subject matter ranging from G to PG-13 rated
- NSFW material, I'm a bit more squeamish about, but will allow on a case-by-case basis.
- I really am going to stress that you personally contact me if you want a monthly drabble (and you're pledging the right amount); it's the only way I know to get something nice for you that is both specific and personal.
- If you don't want to worry about contacting me, I will also be throwing up a monthly drabble of my own creation that will not be shared anywhere else, only right here for any patrons.

My fanfiction can be found under my penname on the sites, Archive of our Own, and through a tag system on my tumblr blog.

Profile Art done by Cozy Mochi. Header from a screencap of Dragon Ball Z

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Thank you for your pledge! This cheap and easy first tier gets you a simple but nice reward:

Sneak peeks into upcoming stories and a glimpse at the first rough draft of a chapter.
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Thank you for your pledge! For stepping up a little more, your reward steps up a little as well. For this tier you get:

Everything as above, as well as a fully beta'd chapter a few days before the rest of the public.
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Thank you for your contributions! For being willing to pay more than a crunchyroll subscription a month, you get:

Everything as above, as well as a monthly drabble by your personal request.
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Thank you so much for your greater than average pledge. At this tier, your rewards are a bit more "hardcore" in fan level:

Everything as above, as well as access to up-and-coming personally dictated audiobook versions of my fanfics.
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Thank you so much for going above and beyond with  your pledge. I don't have much more to offer but my sincerest gratitude for sure.

Everything as above, only you want to go the extra mile in your support. It's borderline obsessive.
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Words cannot express my gratitude at this point. If you're willing to support me this much, I really don't know what else I can say.

Everything as above, only you want to go the extra, extra mile in your support. You are practically at fangirl/fanboy levels of love. And as such, I will personally credit you in any works I create from here on.
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Once I reach 5 Patrons, I'll release audiobook narratives of The Unimaginable up for all patreon users.
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