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About Redistribution Project

The Income Redistribution Project is a privately managed and overseen organization dedicated to procuring excess wealth from individual donors for the purposes of redistribution.

The American economy is undeniably biased towards individuals and organizations with an abundance of wealth. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the rich control the system.

Wealthy individuals often argue for a more equal distribution of wealth through taxation and charitable giving but do little on a personal level to affect actual change.

Even individuals that ascribe to a political stance that encourages a more equal distribution of wealth often fall short of any tangible contributions.

In a world where there is always someone with less, it is immoral to argue for the redistribution of wealth while maintaining one's own financially privileged status.

The Income Redistribution Project seeks to disrupt the pattern of words without action by accepting donations of excess wealth for the purposes of redistribution.

The Income Redistribution Project is dedicated to providing monetary contributions to a wide and varied range of worthy causes. Causes are chosen through an internally overseen process and remain confidential to prevent the perception of bias from discouraging donations.

The American political landscape has, in recent years, seen a large number of individuals calling for government intervention to solve economic disparity but has seen little action on the parts of high net worth individuals providing tangible redistribution of their own property.

In addition to its primary goal of aggressive redistribution, the Income Redistribution Project is dedicated to calling on these high net wealth politicians, celebrities, and business owners that demand redistribution without offering any tangible contribution of their own.

In pursuit of holding these high net worth individuals accountable, the Income Redistribution Project encourages you to share this GoFundMe directly to high net worth individual's social media pages. Anyone with a net worth of over one million dollars that encourages redistribution of wealth should be, politely and courteously, asked to donate to the Income Redistribution Project.

The Income Redistribution Project primarily receives funding through GoFundMe, but has established a Patreon account for recurring donations and cryptocurrency wallets for truly anonymous donations.

Thank you for your time and donations. With the truly desperate situation regarding income inequality in America, it is immoral to hoard wealth, particularly if one comes from a privileged social, racial, or economical background.

Our GoFundMe is located at

We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple donations at the following addresses:

Bitcoin: 1Ghg9UNsWrQB8HDgVFTmEHoXubgrT21wK5

Bitcoin Cash: qzfl7jedg3raweu7e728ff5ztj02ggd7hg0nxxjwsx

Litecoin: LWwA55PWQn8GcQtDQ6MX8afh8DpgqNJ8s4

Ethereum: 0x072afa6bFB320C6C0173ed350283f2b3CB333794

Ripple: rNG8mxKQckauwkC8sempEBGgiV2EUnUNdC

We also have a Twitter account that we encourage you to interact with and share, @redist_project

Thank you for doing your part to encourage income redistribution.
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