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For only $1 a month, you will be helping to spread the message of free speech and #NewRight values. 
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For only $3 a month, you will be helping to spread the message of free speech and #NewRight values.  

You will also get a production credit on every song I produce while you are a patron displayed on every video and in the metadata of each audio file.  

You will also have the option to submit words for lyrics for new songs.  If you have a witty line that sticks it to the Left, I want to hear it and possibly use it in a song.  You will get lyric writing credit for the song (no monetary royalties).  This isn't my band, this is OUR BAND!

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 For only $5 a month, you will be helping to spread the message of free speech and #NewRight values.  

You will also get a production credit on every song I produce while you are a patron displayed on every video and in the metadata of each audio file. 

 You will also have the option to submit words for lyrics for new songs.  If you have a witty line that sticks it to the Left, I want to hear it and possibly use it in a song.  You will get lyric writing credit for the song (no monetary royalties).   This isn't my band, this is OUR BAND! 

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Are you sick of leftist music and musicians that are quick to dump on the America you love? We are too, and we need to get the message of freedom and liberty for ALL out there via music.  We will be posting FREE music that isn't afraid to tell the truth about a variety of issues, and we need your help to do it.
In addition to putting out FREE music for people to download, like and share with others, we will also be performing at various FREE events and rallies that will need finances to pay for travel and permits and such. Every little bit helps!

Why would I start a band that I know people will hate?
With all of the conservative/libertarian outlets for online content regarding personal liberties and/or American fundamental freedoms that exist on the internet, I saw that most/all of them where mediums of talk/news shows, interviews or comedy shows. Now, all of them are great, but one medium that I saw no one using to convey "Conservatarianism" ideas to new people was music.
I wanted to do something that would help fight against the lies of the liberal establishment and tell the truth about what conservatives believe and how they would "Make America Great Again". But, to start "another" political commentary/interview show on YouTube, just to never get it off the ground because there was no chance that any of my videos would get monetized, was not the way to go.
People watch a great video they like 3-4 times, and then send it to their friends who watch it 3-4 times, but how many times do you listen to your favorite band or song? 50 times? 75 times? 100+ times? It only made sense to try and accomplish my goal through music.

What is the plan here?
I will be recording and releasing music with right-leaning messages FOR FREE. I will be doing this because I do not want to get caught up in the idea that people should pay for our music like it is a product, but instead to get it, listen to it, like it and share it freely with others like a "Conservatarian" tool of outreach... preferably to those who would like the style of music but would be hearing the message for the first time.
I want this project to be a catalyst for it's fans to say things that are true and honest but that they are normally afraid to say. I say that to say that I eventually want to even have it's fans even contribute lyrically to the project. Some of you have insightful things to say.
I also want to be in a position to expose the lies of the socialist/leftist agenda regarding such topics as:
Islam- More opposed to political Islam that tries to implement Sharia Law into Non-Muslim areas as well as dispelling the false idea of "Islamophobia" that is used to silence honest discussions about the obvious conflict between Islamic culture and Western culture.  #FREETOMMYROBINSON
Feminism- We want to create honest discourse regarding the false narratives of the gender pay gap, White Male patriarchy, male privilege and the differences between men and women that DO exist and should be embraced and not thrown under the rug.
Socialism- We want to create honest discourse regarding the failed idea of socialism and how it has never worked AND will never work because when you involve people who are more often than not motivated by incentivization, nothing will get done to move a society forward.
Abortion- We want to create honest discourse regarding not only the double standard surrounding abortion but more importantly, the avenues available for abortions, who is paying for them and what lies are being told to make the public think that places like Planned Parenthood are the beacon of women's health.
Radical Gay Agenda- We want to create honest discourse regarding the high level of homosexuality exposure our children are receiving through movies, TV, social media, schools and even leftist government. Why did the federal government get involved (when marriage is usually a STATE issue) and redefine "marriage" for the entire country when it obviously didn't want it (NO state ever voted in favor of same-sex marriage... not even California!), just to accommodate 10% (percentage of total homosexual/lesbians that actually got married when it became legal) of 2% (percentage of America that is actually homosexual/lesbian) or 0.2% of the entire country, and now bakers are being threatened to HAVE to bake a cake for an event that goes against their religious beliefs. It has turned into a one-sided "forced tolerance" bullying tactic from the violently vocal homosexual community, instead of BOTH sides exercising tolerance.  Same-sex marriage is the law of the land, fine.. but it should never be used to infringe on someone else's freedoms and liberties.  
Trans Genderism- This social experiment called "transgenderism" (or it's clinical term "gender dysphoria") is getting to point where we just need to call it a day, no more 70+ genders and no more FORCING the rest of the country to play along with their delusional masquerade. The few that ACTUALLY have this mental illness should receive the medical and psychiatric help they need, and 98% rest of those simply doing this as a fashion statement can cut the crap!  Gender and sex are the same things, and your gender studies class is a waste of time!  Learn a skill that will actually make you money!
Mainstream Media- The MSM is going down the tubes and internet "Alternative Media" is taking over, and they know this, but to keep their hold on the American mind for a little while longer, they tried to use terms like "fake news" to discredit those on the internet and try to maintain their dominance. It obviously blew up in their faces, and now places like CNN have the lowest trust level with the public.  They constantly lie about the right and cover up the corruption on the left, and push the narrative that most of the country is "common sense"  left-leaning, but we all know better, don't we?
2nd Amendment/Gun Rights- We want to create honest discourse regarding how gun rights are constantly under attack and how the left seems to constantly undermind ways to keep our children safe at school (almost as if they WANT school shootings to continue happening!) so they can continue vilifying law-abiding gun owners (in other words, the NRA) in an attempt to disarm our country's citizens. Our right to bear arms will not be infringed!  As soon as they take away our 2nd Amendment, they will take away our 1st Amendment next!
Globalism- The rest of the world is not our responsibility.  If the day came where we chose to help any other country, it will be after our own country has benefitted from putting ourselves first.  It is time that America do what is in the best interests of America.  Any other country would do the same.  Make America Great Again!
immigration- We want to create honest discourse regarding how illegal immigration from Mexico/Central America is ruining our economy, making us less safe, and how ultimately the Hispanic community is being used as pawns to help keep the left in power. The lie that they are doing jobs no one else will is an insult to the Hispanic community and they need to hear the truth about how they are being exploited. Wanting people to come here legally is not racism, it is American.
Hate Speech (or the suppression of FREE Speech!)- The delusion that "Hate Speech" even exists is one of our biggest issues to tackle. All 'hate speech' is, is truth spoken that people in power do not want the masses to hear.  The ability to freely talk and exchange ideas and even more important SOLUTIONS about the very issues I listed above is paramount. That very freedom is being assaulted with the social construct of "self-censoring" that is literally making people afraid to speak what is on their mind about any issue.  There is this fear of saying anything that has the potential of offending someone, or worse, if there is another agenda, your words will be twisted and then used to discredit you as a racist or homophobe.  This wave of fear to speak has to be fought more ferociously than we fought the Nazis in WWII. Look at what is happening in the UK and in the rest of Europe.  Freedom of Speech is NON-EXISTENT!  We cannot allow that plague of fear to silence us.

More long-term plans would be to start a fan-funded record label to help other music acts that want to help to spread Pro-freedom messages in their music, so they can stay independent and fan-funded so they can keep control of their music and their message.  I want #NewRight music to be a RED WAVE that cannot be denied!

I will be doing what I can on my own dime, but eventually, I will need to travel, I will need to hire musicians to perform at free events and rallies. I'll need your support.

$0 of $1,000 per month
When we reach $1000 a month, we will be able to bring in outside mixing professionals to mix/master our music.  We want to put out the best quality for everyone!
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