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Acces to my server of SkyFactory server. You must be helpful and nice to all people on the server.
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You get access to my SkyFactory Server and my GameVox Server.
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Hey guys! My name is Reed, and I post videos on YouTube of a bunch of games that I love to play. Right now I am mostly doing modded Minecraft, but with your help I will be getting a new computer that I am building my self. That way I can play many more games for you guys to watch. I always love to hear from people that watch my videos on what they think, and what they think I can do better. Most of the money I get from here I will put in to the computer I am building, but some of it will go to getting me food and stuff. I will be getting twitch streaming up soon, so everyone can watch live as well. I love playing games, so if I can make others happy that way then it makes way better! I hope you like what you see to come.
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With this being done. I will get two or more games a month to try out on video for you guys.
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