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Welcome to Refs4PatsTV the evolution of Refs4PatstheGermanNFLBlog the amazing YouTube Channel by The German NFL Blog. We might watch the same game, but we see totally different actions. is an independent American Football Blog weriting´, reporting, scouting and complaining all around American Football. Of course, the NFL is the center of the universe, but College Football, Canadas CFL and our German GFL are worth telling some stories. So back to the day we planned this Blog, creating videos wasn´t on our mind at all. We launched our Channel just to gain more traffic and get recognized by more readers.

But, as we say in Germany, things developing sometimes different as planned, not even as dreamed. That's life and as Eminem says: ... would you capture it or let it slick.
On our Channel, you get the latest Updates and Info, pre-/postgame interviews and press conferences all across the NFL. All NFL Teams pre-/postgame presser, we don´t select. Uploads start pre-game TNF and are constantly uploaded until postgame MNF interviews.
So we for example been the first showing Pat Mahomes talking on his Ketchup thing.

Being experienced and smart enough to know, that success always gets copied, especially related to the NFL, and we don´t have the power to be in a competition with NFL, ESPN, B/R etc. So we offer all who are really interested in what players and coaches talk this Channel. We enjoy this part and would be happy to do it as long as possible. 

Of course all our written content The German NFL Blog is converted into videos. For now only in German, but we going to produce the content in two languages, German and English, so you don´t miss or more than less controversy and always direct and honest pre-/post game analyses etc. 

That´s the Status Quo Week 12 heading to 13. We plan several other American Football related contents and are happy to discuss with you what´s next, or not. 

Feel free to ask, comment and discuss The NFL with us, we will no matter with or without you.

Regards from Germanies true Formula 1 Grand Prix Town
We made Michael Schumacher, that´s what we think.

Head of Refs4Pats

Fabian Rausch
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When we reach 765 $ before the Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta all contributors can send questions in for an Exclusive Interview with former 1st Round Draft Pick and Florida Seminole Björn Werner from Germany.
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