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About Regine Sawyer

Creating and producing comics are a big part of my life. I devote much of my time and energy making awesome Sci-Fi/Horror comic books with my company Lockett Down Productions.  Producing comics is a labor of love that takes time, energy and yes money. The funds that I receive will go directly to all things comic book related; to publishing, to conventions, paying my artists,supplies and paying for my websites. All three of my books are currently in production: The Rippers, Ice Witch, and Eating Vampires. Every dime helps in getting my projects produced and marketed. In the last few years, the popularity of the series Eating Vampires alone has sky-rocketed; I am so proud of that fact and I want to get subsequent issues out as soon as humanly possible. In order to do that however, I need the money to do so. With your help, I can make this happen; without it, it will take much longer for the books to be made and I want to get them in your hands as soon as possible! Thank you in advance for all the help you all are giving me, I appreciate it more than you will ever know!
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Are you a Cyberpunk Junkie and need your Rippers or Ice Witch fix? Are you hankering for the Slipstream Horror in Eating Vampires? Well my artists need love, lots of it in the color of backs that is! The Artists on my books work super hard to make my comics look gorgeous and by getting me to this goal it will help to pay them and get these books produced so much faster.
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