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NOTE: Weekly video's will begin the week of Nov 1, 2018. 
Videos will include a variety of topics, from Rights, politics, trending, gaming, livestreams, etc.

UPDATE! I am restructuring Rewards


In my perfect world, everyone knows what their Rights are, how to successfully exercise them, and what to do when they are being violated. This requires creating videos that are both fun and educational, teaching via online interactive classes, and getting WeRoar Radio & TV back up and running - all of which require funding. 

Now, you can help create that world, which will benefit us all, while learning about the Constitution, your Rights, the law, and viable solutions to various issues.

$5 of $10,000 per month
America will NOT be great again IF American's are not great again.

There was a time when American[s not only knew the Constitution (not today's version/interpretation of what it means, but what it Truly meant based upon the INTENTION of the founding fathers), as well as knowing their Rights, they were actually willing to exercise/enjoy and defend those Rights and Constitutional Ideals and demands.

This project will consist of a "course" (for lack of a better word/term) on the Constitution, to be produced with videos and a book. You will learn exactly what type(s) of govt were in place before the Constitution, what was removed from the original Constitution draft, and so much more. 
There will be nothing like this out there! 

This project also includes obtaining a professional video camera to make better quality videos, with proper lighting, and a dedicated computer to create the videos, as well as other important tools and equipment.

***The course (workbook, script of course, and outline for vids) is complete. The much needed equipment still needs to be obtained to create the vids. I'm also writing a companion book which should be finished by the end of Dec 2018

Pledging to this goal is greatly appreciated!
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