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About ReigningIt

ReigningItis building an inclusive, caring community of support for women in STEM. Our story-sharing platform celebrates the hard-fought successes that unrelenting determination brings. Together, we are closing the gender gap in STEM by building a strong, empowered network of mentorship and support system to reign our lives.

ReigningIt is inspiring the next generation of women to delve into STEM. We are creating an inclusive community and honest dialogue about the many applications of STEM in every area of interest. We are working to close the equity and gender gap and encourage equal access to STEM.

Since launching in October 2015, ReigningIt has featured over 500 inspiring, diverse women in STEM. Their stories offer a unique opportunity to identify challenges women in STEM still face, celebrate their accomplishments, and to rally together to make the path to STEM more accessible for the next generation of women.

About the Founders:
Angela Cleveland, M.S.Ed., M.Ed., MA has 15 years of experience as a professional school counselor and is a Google Certified Educator. She is an Executive Board Member and Webmaster for the New Jersey School Counselor Association. Angela advocates for equity and access to STEM opportunities. She is the Program Director for NCWIT Counselors for Computing.
In 2015, Angela co-founded ReigningIt, a non-profit dedicated to creating a STEM dialogue inclusive of every woman. The story-sharing platform has featured hundreds of inspiring women and K-12 influencers, and the Women Who Reign Facebook Group has provided a community of encouragement to support pathways to computer science.
Angela is a technology contributor to national publications, such as Edutopia, CSTA Voice, and ASCA’s School Counselor magazine. She presents at conferences around the country to encourage the infusion of emerging careers in computer science into the school counseling profession.
Angela’s advocacy has earned her recognition, such as the “2017 New Jersey State School Counselor of the Year” award and being featured in the popular Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Blog.
Angela grew up in New Jersey and attended William Paterson University, where she earned degrees in English and Education as well as an Honors in Humanities. She attended the University of Pennsylvania, earning an M.S.Ed. in Psychological Services. Angela began her career as school counselor in 2001, and she remained driven to learn more about the field of education and leadership. She went on to earn an M.Ed. in Instruction from The College of New Jersey and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Rider University. She earned several educational certifications, including Google Certified Educator, Director of School Counseling Services, School Supervisor.
In her free time, Angela enjoys writing and is the author of several therapeutic children’s books. Learn more:
Follow Angela on Twitter: @AngCleveland

After starting her career doing research at Harvard University, Saqi found her true calling in Career Counseling at MIT and Harvard Business School. She then transitioned to University Recruiting in tech and worked at VMWare andThe Walt Disney Company. Saqi lead the University Recruiting team at Square, visiting schools around the country to bring the next generation of talent to the company.
Saqi is currently the Associate Director of Employer Relations and Diversity Engagement at Tufts University. She is passionate about all things education, specifically women in tech. Saqi serves on the board of National Tech Diversity Magazine and 500 Miles.
As an avid writer she has published articles to The Huffington Post, Daily Muse and Blavity amongst others. In any non-typing free time she is an art, interior design, and travel enthusiast.
Follow Saqi on Twitter: @CallMeSaqi

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