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Hi Patrons!

I am so thankful you have taken the time to visit my page. For those of you who do not know me,  my name is Remington Mealey. I am currently on the biggest adventure of my life. Born and nurtured in the beautiful Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona  - USA, I am now currently living in Sydney, Australia. I've always dreamed big as a child, but I never thought those same dreams would come to fruition. I have the privilege of being apart of the incredible life of Hillsong International Leadership College, where their vision is to raise and equip once in a generational-type leaders. My focus and study here at College is the Pastoral stream, where I am stretching and growing my capacity as a leader, while also developing my communication, biblical study, and public presentation skills. Within the span of studying and living across the world, I have established and rooted myself with heaps of new friendships, a new church family that I now call H O M E, and most importantly a new and more firm foundation in Christ. It's been one of the most challenging yet beautiful seasons in my life. 

As I am currently in the midst of my 2nd Semester of my 1st Year Certificate study, I would love nothing more than to further on my studies towards 2nd Year and God-willing into a 3rd Year Internship to graduate with an Advance Diploma in Ministry. I would love your support in this! By clicking 'Patron' on this page, it gives you the ability to sponsor as little as $1.00 per week ($4.00/month). The money that you pledge will go DIRECTLY towards living expenses (rent) and annual school fees (tuition). Unfortunately, HILC does not offer students any financial aid or student loans or support, so providing all school fees and living costs will be up to me. Working a job in all my area of free time, unfortunately is just no cutting the costs. Any pledge is immensely appreciated!
Your pledge and support takes a massive weight off my shoulders and releases me to fully invest ALL my time into the College and Church life here, benefiting from it all that I came for.

I want to personally and sincerely thank you for your pledge and in sowing into my future in furthering my studies here at HILC. I am whole heartedly grateful for your support!

Dearest and warmest blessings to you!


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