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About Renate Roske-Shelton

Hi I am Renate, a self-taught and solitary artist on the edge of the Bay of Fundy. I’m in explorer mode toward finding my own creativity and artistic style. Welcome to my Patreon venture.
within the next 6 months I hope to find my consistent creative style and create a series of 12 art works to be submitted for a solo exhibition somewhere in the Maritimes or beyond. I really hope I can count on your support towards this concrete goal.
I hope you will support and join me in my ongoing journey of creative and self-healing art making. Here I will share with you my hopes and challenges as an artist which includes a wide spectrum of subject matter that interest me (Nature, News, Philosophy, Culture), color preferences and Psychology, and my ever changing and trending views and commentary on today’s happenings in my corner of the world: Back Bay, New Brunswick, Canada.  
Each month I will typically post a photo of at least one finished painting, frequently more than one. I will discribe the stories and inspirational reasons behind each painting and, depending on the support tier you chose, I will send you, a single postcard and/or send to you a limited edition small gyclee print, a full-size canvas look limited edition Gyclee print of each monthly featured painting with original signature. Or, you can choose to receive the original painting plus. For a biography and samples of my previous work visit my web site at
The media I use are watercolor, acrylics, ink, and oils, either alone or in combination. 

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