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Listen!!! This Tier gets you a weekly jam track. We have plenty of tunes, so be prepared to get something new very often! Want to request a tune? Check out the higher tiers to find out how you can request songs directly! (Originals only! ;])
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I always feel like, somebody's watching me! For 5 bucks,  along with the edited footage, we will upload the Fly On The Wall material, letting you inside the madness that ensues at rehearsals! (Multiple videos may be from same rehearsal) We have a a GoPro and a Zoom right now, but with your help, we can multitrack and Multicam these rehearsals to get you some awesome content. Tell your friends to help out too! (Includes previous tier content)




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About Renegade Cartel

Renegade Cartel is a rock and roll band from Boston MA. We paint in all spectrums of rock, touching on blues, classic, hard, and modern, with melodies being a crucial part to the music. We want you to have fun listening and we also want to give you a wide sound so that no matter what you feel, you can always find a Renegade Cartel song to put on and groove with. Please help us get there, by supporting us in our content creation. By supporting us, you help us write, record, jam, film, and enhance our pieces and performance. We aim to provide you with songs, videos, jams, fun behind the scenes looks, and much more. Enjoy the Ride, baby. We hope you'll come along with us.
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At $100 per creation, we're able to hire someone to help us with audio and video, giving us the ability to focus more on the music and performance.
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