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is creating The Reno Hype Show. Which is 4 Reality shows inside of 1 Reali
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About Reno Hype

 The Reno Hype Show is a southern California, Los Angeles based show. Geared around rooted in comedy. The Reno Hype show is the birth child of comedian and writer Reno Hype. With 4 sub shows in 1 main show (Ask Reno?,The Reno&Aaron Show,Hype Delivery, and Open Mic) Reno Hype wanted to show a small range of versatility in the ability to entertain mainstream and urban audiences. 
Once again we want to thank each and every family member, friend, and most importantly any Fan of The Reno Hype Show. All contributions go toward the making of good quality entertainment and the employment of qualified individuals.
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