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Residents are the bedrock of society... Y'all keep the embers alive... You ensure the passion never dies... 

Residents and above get a shout out at the end of every chapter, and priority on character naming.

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Adventurers are willing to risk it all to make the world a better place...

Adventurers have higher naming priority than Residents. 

Adventurers and above get access to drafts and random world ideas 

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Warriors are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. 

Warriors and above get monthly letters from a story character of their choosing. 

Warriors and above can design a character of their choice (within the laws of the story) and that character will feature in the story




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About Renoe_K

Hey Guys, if you've made it here, then you most likely know who I am, and what I do.

For those that don't, I'm an aspiring author on Wattpad, hoping to one day make a living from doing what I love most!
I try to update my novel 3 times a week but with school and part-time work, it's nowhere near as easy as I'd hoped. With your help, I should be able to eliminate the need for a part-time job and thereby focus more hours into weaving the stories we both love.

I cannot thank you enough for making your way down here. Any help you can provide will be more than appreciated!

Thank you all so much!

$347 of $500 per month
Bring Parallel to Print!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts
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