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The only benefit I'm able to give at this moment is the ability to be alot more interactive with me on this platform compared toYoutube + a credit in the description of my videos!

I’m also going to be posting planned uploads and previews 24hrs before they get released on youtube!




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About Renzic

Who am I?
I´m Renzic, your average youtuber that gathers his own clips and herbs. Which I use to cook up quality videos.

Why am I here?
I´m here to provide you with the best plane crash compilations of the newest flight simulators out there! I´m giving my 100% to make them as original as possible! You can occasionally find some old guncam footage of planes in the Second World War lurking around my channel aswell!

The channel is based on feedback of my subscribers! Don't like something or is there something that can be improved? Let me know! I'm here to realize quality>quantity.