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Hello & Welcome - To Replay Value
We've welcomed you - don't track in any dirt by the way - but what is Replay Value? It's a youtube channel that explores narrative mediums and how they work. Whether that's analyzing how an opening episode introduces its themes and motifs, how a movie uses shot selection to empower its characters, comedically lambasting narratives both loved and hated, or sharing an experience had with a particular medium. At its core, Replay Value is a journey to find deeper understanding in the most pervasive element in how we view our lives - stories. 

Skip / Play / Replay - Content
Replay Value currently offers two main types of video content. Analysis Videos cover a wide variety of topics - from a total breakdown of a two minute scene in Hyouka, to how one episode changed the trajectory of Haikyuu!, or even how an entire series completely falls apart in the face of bad narrative decisions. Sometimes we even get a bit meta and talk about how strategy is often written or taking a holistic look at Rain in Anime. Our other flagship series is called Attention Span, a series where The Avatar - a being beyond time and space - talks about narratives in a snappy review setting, with a dash of hyperbole, a sprinkle of self-importance, and way too many opinions in an attempt to produce too many laughs. The Avatar has tackled low-hanging fruitobjective classics in his attempt to provide a service to a cruel inattentive void. That's canon by the way. 147% canon. 

Our Values
We don't believe in withholding content or access just because someone can afford more or can't afford it at all. That's why we'll never do early access to videos, lock content behind a paywall, do exclusive polls, or anything similar. It simply goes against what we stand for, Replay Value isn't a job and it's not some exclusive club. We want you to have the same experience regardless of your ability to contribute to the channel - and that's the reason behind our decision to currently only have one tier on this Patreon, so that if you want to support us, you're able to - by making a pledge you're comfortable with without fear of missing out on something. 

Thank You For Considering Supporting Replay Value
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I'll add a second currently running "analysis series" in the vein of Hyouka -- whether that's a promotion of something like Fate/Zero or something entirely different will be determined. 
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