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About Reptiles Uncaged

Hey everyone! I'm Noonie,
Here's a little bit about how I got into reptiles, free roam setups and some info about future plans.

I've been fascinated with reptiles since a young age. I remember being about 4 years old, my grandma would take me to a park to see the western fence lizards that would bask out on the tops of logs. When I was in fourth grade I begged my parents for a pet bearded dragon. I did all the research there was to do about them, they noticed that and decided to surprise me with a trip to our local pet shop to buy one. His name was Zodiac, I loved him. The next Christmas after first getting him, he was bitten by a cricket near his eye, it swelled out so he couldn't see. I cried to my mom for a trip to the vet for him. It was pretty expensive. I told her I'd rather Zodiac get a trip to see the vet than get a new Haro bike like my two brothers and I had been asking for on our wishlists. Long story short, I got both! Lol. I would always talk to my brothers about having a lot of pet lizards that live together. The cage was cool, but it was a lot more fun to take Zodiac out to the front yard and let him hunt the bees that were all over the flowers in the garden. So growing up I kept a lot of different species, one of my favorite being the Green Anole. They seemed just a little bit more intelligent than most of the other species I had dealt with. I ended up accidentally leaving some in an artificial tree in my room and to my surprise they stayed. I placed a heat lamp on it and set a small container of mealworms at the bottom. They lived there for months until i had to move. I went on to actually live out my dream by creating the first ever free roam reptile room. And now I could be making a living from it!? I'm just so thankful!

Before you even pledge. I'm already appreciative of you because you're giving me one of the most precious things you can give. Your time, you invest some of it into watching the videos that I LOVE creating. That alone means a lot to me, thank you. I have so many great things that everyone will enjoy planned for the channel.

1. Real time long HD live streams of the animals natural daily activities.
2. More species. more habitat.
3. High quality documentary style films.
4. More rooms for larger species that can't mix with the ones we have.
5. More frequent high quality content with the help of an extra editor.
6. Higher quality equipment so that I can produce better content.

And a lot more. This is all going to happen slowly, but surely! You're support really helps by speeding up the process. Thank You!
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Take a look at the about section. Thank you everyone!
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