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About Reservoir Pawns

About Reservoir Pawns

Interested in chess? Want to improve your game and get new ideas? Then you might want to check out www.reservoirpawns.comReservoir Pawns is a blog I run since January 2017 and where I share my chess content at. Posts vary from opening ideas, puzzle solving sessions to entertaining and even academic posts.

The author of Reservoir Pawns - me! Emotional picture depicting the hardship of solving puzzles from Polgar's middelgames.

What makes Reservoir Pawns special?

As an improving player, the posts on Reservoir Pawns reflect my own path to chess improvement. Having mostly improved as an adult, I discuss moments relevant to my own chess training and thus my posts might make good training material for chess players up to 2000 FIDE.

Also, Reservoir Pawns loves dynamic, quirky chess! This probably comes from my own style of play. Additionally, I use a lot of material by Paul Keres in the theoretical side of my posts. So, if you are interested in some mild craziness in chess, give my site a visit! It’s difficult to wrap up the essence of Reservoir Pawns anyway!

Become a Patron!

I’ve decided to use Patreon to create a “fund” – namely the Andre’s Over The Board Chess Fund.

I will explain: Unfortunately, there are not too many slow chess tournaments in Estonia – a couple per year, at best. However, it feels that slow chess is something I desperately need to practice, to improve my chess. So naturally, I must travel a bit to get some tournament practice in. I am aiming to participate Open tournaments in nearby countries (Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Poland etc.). And the so-called Andre’s OTB Fund is for covering some of my travel costs!
I would be eternally grateful for any help I can get!

And make sure to check out the rewards, your help will recognized!

Working on Polgar's middlegames - a dramatic picture.

About me

I learned the game of chess 1998, when I was 6, but I started actively playing chess a lot later. When I was 10, I went to for about half a year to the Paul Keres Chess School in Tallinn. I started playing actively online in 2013. I got interested in studying chess in around 2014 and started over the board chess mainly in 2016. Chess is also one of my academic interests: chess history and analyzing chess semiotically. BA in semiotics and cultural theory from University of Tartu. Currently studying MA in semiotics.Chess is also one of my academic interests: chess history and analyzing chess semiotically.

What better to do on a sunny day to work on Gallagher's King's Indian book?

Important links

My blog
Here is where I share my chess content. There is also a coaching section for anyone who is interested.

My Lichess account, follow me and message me there!
This is where I play. I am also part of the Lichess 4545 League. You can message me there!

My FIDE card
Here you can see my OTB rating progression.

My account
I use it daily, but only as a social platform for connecting with certain people. You can message me there!

Contact me there, if you have any questions concerning rewards, coaching, anything!

Thank you so much for reading!

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With 150 $ each month, I could play one nearby open tournament in approximately every four months! With this, I am aiming for three open tournaments per year!
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