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About Server

Welcome to my ・゚✧patreon page✧・゚ for my free webcomic, A Monochormic Duality; a dystopian sci-fi comic about a terrible capitalist government and a man with a lot of identity issues. 

City-renown investigator Isao has been given the promotion of a life time, to be the head investigator of the Glass State. Upon a new update to his program for his new promotion, he wakes up to find something has gone amiss. No longer is he Isao, but a person without a purpose nor a set identity. Sawn as a "grey" and to be cast from the city, Isao takes his special skill set on a chase that takes his life from the spotlight investigator to the state's most wanted criminal.

AMD was created from the love of classic dystopian novels, complex sci-fi world building, and the unending joy I get from making my character's lives as hard as possible.  



- WIPS, Doodles, 3D Renders, Illustrations.
I do a lot of extra work for AMD! Whether it's me doodling, making a dumb meme, doing color tests for characters and backgrounds, or just in general WIPs of larger things I'm working on.   I also work in large file sizes, so I'll post larger versions of pictures here than I will on other websites!

- Discarded Ideas / Scripts
My scripts don't usually always end up being what happens in the comic. I sometimes also draw comic pages that I discard completely. I might also have extra comic pages that I DID want to add to the final result but didn't have time to.  

- Early Access
Hurrah! Get the pages a week in advance! Stay ahead of the game!

- Tutorials / Guides
On request, I'd be happy to try to explain art / writing things!! I'm no master-pro, but I'll try to help in anyway I can! 


If you have suggestions for rewards, please feel free to message me about them! : ) 
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Hurrah!  I am able to dedicate more time to this comic!  While it does not replace my jobs, the fact it brings even a little bit of money means I can dedicate more time to it.
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