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Hey there, and welcome to the Retrobates (it's a working title, okay?) By pledging $1 you're helping to maintain the success of the RetroFPS channel and it's greatly appreciated! By doing so, you get access to the following:
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming videos/behind the scenes stuff
  • Patron-only polls
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Felt like stepping it up a notch eh? Well, your generosity shall not go unrewarded. In addition to all previous rewards mentioned, you also get access to:
  • High-quality downloads (.jpg, .mp4)
  • Process/behind-the-scenes
  • Some game installation tutorials (those that require it)
  • Plus all previous rewards
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Wow, I'm stunned! You really are generous! So, first thing's first, THANK YOU! And two, enjoy these benefits!
  • Shout out in the description of all future videos
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Hello! And welcome to the RetroFPS Patreon page! Let me start off by saying "thank you" to those of you who have pledged or donated to this channel in an attempt to keep it afloat. It's appreciated more than you know!

*Why did I make a Patreon?*

Simply put, this allows me to keep the RetroFPS YouTube channel ad free! I do not like the recent changes YouTube's ad revenue policies, so, I have decided to not monetize any of my videos. In turn, I need help from you guys as viewers in order to keep this channel going. As little as one dollar a month from each of you will allow me to create more videos each week and keep those pesky advertisements away!

*So, in case you're curious, here's a little about me:*

I currently live just outside of Phoenix, Arizona and work part-time as a barista while pursuing a bachelor's degree in communications at Arizona State University (Go Devils!). I have previously attended film school and graduated with my associates in "Television and Motion Picture Production" not too long ago. Career-wise, my goals are a bit fuzzy. All I know is, I'd love a job in public speaking, as I've never had a problem with crowds, really. Outside of work and school, I do this! I love making YouTube videos as a hobby and used to run a different channel a while back (it ultimately went nowhere, and was really just for me and my friends to laugh at ourselves being idiots). I grew up playing a lot of classic arcade games and grew to love shooters over time, so once I got the proper equipment, I decided to both film and document a small bits of history about each game that peaked my interest, which led me to where I am today!

And well... that's all I can really think to put down! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or the RetroFPS Facebook page. Hope to see you all there! :)
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When I reach $100 per month, I'll do a special extended video play through of any game of your choice. I'll cast the vote on all forms of social media to ensure maximum input!
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