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If your here, then you know what I'm all about.  Hanging out with you guys, having fun, playing games, learning about my industry, learning about my internet family, sharing my works, sharing video game history, discussing game design and a whole lot more.  Your support shows me that these things are important to you as well and helps me continuously connect with you guys without the speedbumps that life can constantly throw at me or deter me from following this path.  
The popularity of Adblock and the ongoing Adpocalypse has made this increasingly difficult to do from any advertising revenue alone. Patreon helps me by giving you a direct way to support the content I provide to keep you entertained. If you like what I do and would like to help me keep doing it, consider this a tip jar.  This is a learning process for me and with you, it can be done much more streamlined and easily without the burden of worrying how my next bill is paid, or if I can afford stupid things like batteries or cheap retro games, everything you give will be catered towards allowing me to better connect with you, and all my patrons will have there name credited in upcoming video uploads.  I will also feature upcoming videos strictly for Patrons that
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This is assuming my patrons pledge the minimum amount. But with 25 patrons I could upgrade my internet speed, currently at the minimum of 2.5 mbps to whatever the next tier up is from my provider, this will give us less hiccups and increase streaming quality so you can watch a more fluid video experience.
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