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I Can't Believe I Gave A Dollar!
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The "I Can't Believe I Gave A Dollar" Tier

Well, sorry to say that there is NO actual reward for this tier, except for my continued gratitude and thanks for allowing me to pursue this path called YouTube & Twitch, which you could have gotten just from subscribing to Retro Souls DX over on YouTube and Twitch.

However, for those of you whom are still resolute in wasting your money on some random guys like me, be my guest.

You Mean I Actually GET Something?!
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 The "I Can't Believe I Gave A Dollar" Tier, but it's $3.

Seriously, there's no benefit for you to pick this tier. You'd be better off going and getting someting to eat with that $3.

Seriously, Put Your Wallet Away!
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...that wasn't a joke. Put your wallet away! Go buy a sandwich from Subway with that $5!




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I'm that guy that streams the vidya gaemz every night on Twitch., not that guy. You're thinking of Ninja.
With that being said, please help me on my quest to escape the McDonald's drive-thru in one piece.
$0 of $1 per month
If I even make $1 from this Patreon page, it'll be $1 more than what I would have expected to recieve in the first place.
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