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Hi! I am indie game developer Khmelevsky Alex, who is really passionate about games and all the creative stuff!
From the childhood it was my dearest wish to create games on my own, without borders and limitations.
I love stuff that makes you learn and think and creative games. So I am trying to create games and apps, that will be interesting, fun and in the same time challenging.

I am not creating games solo, really. Because every game needs a lot of various stuff from music and audio to images and artwork (which I myself cannot create) so I am paying for them. My dream is to create game-developing company and make great games. If you played something like "Your Majesty", "Space Rangers", "Heroes of Might and Magic", "Braid" or "FTL" you will understand my game preferences.

Invest into future game company! And you will not be disappointed.
As my patron you will receive various bonuses and rewards. First of all - everyone who pledge 2$ or more will get access to all RetryEntryGames products for FREE
This applies to games and apps for PC, iOS, Android and Linux versions.
My first wish is to create games and apps that will be highly in demand by people. So I will be listening to all questions and suggestions, made by my patrons.

 TimeLapse - history based game, when you need to place history events in right order. Currently game features 800 events from US history, inventions, pop culture and many other categories. Each event has full description and image. Game has been translated to 12 languages and currently presented in Google Play and App Store for 0.00$.
Jas Space Shooter - currentrly on hold, due to a large investment, needed to upgrade design. Game features space shooter with quest system and 4 different game modes. More than 70 various weapons and highly customizable ships. Currently presented in Google Play and App Store, but will be destributed to Steam after I will get enough money for a professional designer.

Currently I am planning to release 2 more games until end of this year (2017) - 
Color Dash - simple but addictive clicker with lots of secret ways and surprisingly hard on later levels.
You can see small preview here.
Apogeia - game, inspired by "Risk of rain" but with fantasy motives. Work has been started recently.

And I really appreciate that you have read this far. Thank you for your time!
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We would be able to pay for a professional designer work and make our games look really better!
I do really hope to reach this goal...
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