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Access to WIP comics/illustrations and sketches! Neato!! For just a single dollar you too will be able to witness the weird and wondrous things I post to patreon. It will be an experience full of excitement! Vigor! Mystery! Drama! Horror! Romance! Or maybe it'll be lots of cool work and progress shots of comics, illustrations, 3D builds and game development work. I will post art to patreon before my other social media sites so you get early access to view what's going up!
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At this tier you get a monthly sketch! It can be of yourself, an OC, or someone else.




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About Rezllen

Hello, my name is Rezllen and I'm a young artist living in Seattle! Art has always been my passion throughout my life and I find myself happiest when I can create it visually and through writing. I find myself especially drawn to surreal themes and cartoons. I hope to showcase more of my passion and the emotional connection I have to abstract themes, particularly in visual storytelling, comics, and animation. I aim to share new ideas or express personal growth through a genre that is personally thought provoking and interesting and expose more people to these themes. I'm excited to gain feedback on my work from others!

Ideally I would love to be able to work full time on storytelling through comics. Through patreon I could potentially do this and I could create all of my personal stories for others to see. If I can get more support over time, I would love to offer more products that I've been contemplating for a while now such as clothing, books, and accessories! For now, I can offer you work in progress shots, sketches, livestreams, and if time allows, tutorials on how I work on illustrations.
Thank you so much for your consideration and any possible support!

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This small bee would be very happy and reaching $100 per month would help out with grocheries a ton!
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