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Nothing makes me happier than just having people enjoy my work and want to support it, so thank you so much for even just getting to this page yah bloody legend!

Whats this all about aye?

My name is Ry Hamilton-Smith, working under the name Rhath, and i’m a cartoonist, writer and musician living in Melbourne, Australia.
I love putting out content often and for free. Simple as that.

I’ve been producing material through several mediums for many years now and releasing it all on the internet for free. This started with music and has transitioned to cartoons and writing primarily.

Patreon allows people who enjoy my work to support me financially in small amounts which frees up my time to create more content for everyone to enjoy and to a higher quality.

-Check out the daily cartoons

What content do I put out?

I post cartoons on Instagram as well as many other networks. These drawings tend to take an ‘optimistic nihilism’ approach, poking fun at the mundane and bringing all things in life into the realm of the absurd. If we can make a joke out of things it's easier to deal with them and take life a little less seriously.

I produce abstract, alternative rap with a heavy focus on poetic lyrics and moody instrumentals. I've released my first ep late 2018 and release live session videos on youtube everyone few weeks. These video use other peoples instrumentals while I focus on writing and performance.

I release other work sporadically such as blogs post, youtube videos and other things. You can find that stuff on all my usual networks and i'm sure you'll see more of it coming out as this patreon grows.

I have a decent sized back catalogue of electronic music with hopefully more to come. This is all featured on Bandcamp as well with some releases floating around on major streaming services. My music isn’t comedic in nature like my other work, though I’d like to think its relatively interesting, so feel to check it out. If you like relaxed experimental house music there is some good stuff in there.

What's the money for?

I heard it put well, that Patreon is like busking for the internet.

I already create as much content as I possibly can at this point, and I just want to focus all my energy and time on it. Donations will go towards me creating more content and raise the quality of it all. You'll get access to some early stuff and forums which will allow you to get more involved with my work, so if that's exciting to you then sweet.

That's all, not going to say too much more. Hit me up if you want to talk about what i’m doing or anything else and thank you so much for your support.

$11 of $100 per month
Weekly podcast wrapping up what i'm working on, answering questions and other fun shit.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
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