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Buddy Bones
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Nice to meet you, new bone buddy! You get;

- Patron only discord access! Come hang with me and the other cool people here.

- Access to my patron only posts.

- My monthly newsletter of activities! Read my thoughts and behind the scenes comings and goings, don't forget to reply to the question at the end of each one!

Zesty Zombie
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The afterlife's a party, amirite? This party pass gets you;

- All previous rewards

- Polls! Give me your thoughts and decide my fate, whether it's the next video topic or what you want to see in my shop, let your voice be heard!

- Colouring pages! I'll post two hi-res images of my linework twice a month, feel free to download and colour them in and message me with the result!!

Spectacular Skeletons
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What a sensational skeleton you are! Your rewards are thus;

- All previous rewards

- Your name in my video credits, telling the world how cool you are for helping me out!

- Patron only postcard, available as digital download and perfect as a phone background!

- My behind the scenes video series is yours to view! Step into my office, watch my work process, hear my thoughts on the business part of the art!




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About Rheic Arts

Greetings Kindly Nerds and welcome to my Patreon! Thank you so much for stopping by. 

Join me one my quest to bring you more art, more bloopers and more useful how-to's by choosing a pledge tier that's perfect for you! More will be offered as time goes on, so stay tuned while we go on this wild ride together. 
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When I reach £100 a month (Huzzah!), I'll be able to invest in a badge machine to reliably create button badge merch. This means no more waiting until con season is over, badges will be available in shop year round, and Patrons get exclusive designs!
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