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I am making a public promise right now to complete one painting per day and record a timelapse video of the creation of each painting and post it on youtube and on Patreon. For all of my supporters, I will be sending a high resolution jpeg of my latest (daily), so that you can make a print of your own!




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About Rhiannon Smith

I fled an abusive marriage with three children. I was a stay at home mom for the ten years I was married, so, for a while, we were homeless. We have an apartment now, but we are still on government assistance, and I HATE it.
I intend to get my family off of assistance completely, and fully support us (keep us well fed, clothed and happy) with my art sales by May 15, 2015.
I paint every single day. Motivation is not my problem, exposure is. I need money in order to spread the word about my art.
In return for making a pledge, I will not only make my daily videos for you to see my paintings in process, but I will also give to each of my supporters, a high resolution digital file of each of my paintings. This will enable you to make prints of my paintings and use them for anything you like, as long as you give me credit for the original - remember my goal is to spread the word and make art sales!
The world will be a better place with my art in it, help me to get it out there.
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My biggest goal in life right now is to support my family with my art sales by May 15, 2015. We are on governemt assistance, living in the projects and I hate every minute of it. In order to make a full time living with my art, I have to get my artwork seen by as many people as I possibly can, and this is where my main focus will be and where your support will help.
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