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About Rhou.Games

About me.

Hello my name is Rhukanani Malatjie I'm a game developer and I am the founder of RHOU.GAMES and although not official this is a symbol of the hard work I put into making all my projects. I love making games and sharing them with you with the hope that you enjoy them, if you have any suggestions to make my games any better please don't hesitate to follow me on Instagram or twitter and post your ideas and feelings.

Why suppourt Rhou .Games ?

Well firstly I am extremely passionate about game development and as a result of this you can be assured that I will do my very best to deliver the highest qaulity content I can and inorder to produce youtube videos for young aspiring game devs to learn from I need to have time and by gaining an income I can structure my life to insure that I am able to frequently deliver this content and continue helping up and coming game developers.I hope you consider suppourting me and if you already are i geatly appreciate and thank you.

Hopes and Dreams.

In the future I hope to expand RHOU.GAMES and produce large projects that I hope you will enjoy and although this is my goal as an individual as a game developer I rely on and I appreciate financial support from my Patreons. With this being said I hope you will consider supporting me and if you already have I greatly appreciate  you and I genuinely thank you for your support .Thank you and have a nice day:)      

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if we can hit $100 I will release a live stream Q&A video on my you tube channel for everyone who's interested in finding out more about Rhou.Games.
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