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About Ricardo Ulloa

Who am I?

Hi guys, I am Ricardo Ulloa and, from now on, I'll be making acoustic covers-performed all by myself- of metal songs. 
I'll be playing the Violin, the Flute, the Piano, and the bass guitar; and hopefully more instruments to come in the future. I'll also sing and do all the production and post production of the songs.

You can be my support

First I would like say to you not to feel obligated to support me financially, do it only if you want to.

Being a patreon means that you will actually be tipping me for my work. You can tip me for every cover I do (approximately one per month). But you will get access to HQ version of my covers and extra material in reward.

Hopefully, in the future I'll get suggestions on which songs I could cover and, in this way, be able to indulge my audience and my patrons.

What do I actually do?

Every video is a long journey and an unique adventure before you can enjoy it. This process consumes a lot of time and effort from me. This is an approximation to what every cover takes (every cover is diffetent and the process may vary a little)

  1. I chose a song by taking into a count the vocal range and the instrumentation.
  2. I create sheet music by ear of the song (it may take a whole day to finish this)
  3. Once the score is ready, I proceed to create the instrumental piece and record the vocals and instruments I play for the cover (I usually record 4 shoots of every instrument to get a better quality of sound; my acoustic arrangements are usually conformed of 5 violin lines, 2 flute lines, a SATB choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass), and the lead vocal, mainly.) This really takes a lot of time for a single person to do it all.
  4. Recording the video is also complicated as I do it all by myself too. I set the lights, the background curtain, and posicion the phone to record (it turns out to be even harder as I can't se myself when recording the video)
  5. Once the music and video are recorded, the editing begins. This process may take a long time as I have to mix more than 30 tracks together. 
  6. After a couple of weeks, the song is done and it's time to edit the video. Whenever I make a multiple-shot video, it may take kind of 12 hours to put all the videos together in sequense and synchronize them with the audio. Then, finally, I render the video.
  7. And Finally, I upload the video and share it in the social media. That's when you enjoy the cover!

What's the money for?

By becoming my patron, you will be contributing to create a new world of posibilities, a new world filled with music. Any contribution will be used to improve the quality of future recordings.
The money you provide for the project will be invested in better equipment to improve the quiality of my covers. Also, it may help to condition a room to record. I don't have that much of music, video nor studio gears to make a propper and quality recording.
You will also be hiring me to keep on doing my videos by buying my time, so I can focus on my videos only. If this happends, videos will eventually be on youtube as a faster pace than before.

Rewards you can get with your patronage

Remember, do not feel forced to pledge, but if your going to do it; choose the amount that fits you the best and the regard you will like to get. I'll be eternally grateful. Also, all Patrons have the right to be part of polls to decide which songs I should cover next!

Be part of my journey!

  • You'll get access to in-progress tracks or "making" videos.
  • High-quality MP3 download of every new song & Instrumental version.
  • Access to the new video before it goes live on YouTube
  • I will thank you, personally, at the end of my videos
  • Get access to a space to propose a song I should cover
  • Downloadable PDF of the music arrangement I used in the recording my covers.

Haven't you seen any of my videos?

Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy my material.

Be part of my journey also here:

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I would like to make a cover in which any of my Patrons who's willing to participate can take part of it! Be it playing an instrument or singing with me; I would love you to be part of my music journey! 
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