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You're supporting us and that's huge! Thank You!  It may not sound like much but every dollar counts to bring you all the content we work so hard on. You'll get my patron-only behind the scenes nonsense footage of shenanigans. 

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The above, plus access to a Patreon Poll which may or may not dictate what happens on the show! ( We all know I listen to my heart ) But really, your opinion matters, unless you suggest I work on a Prius. Then, you are banned from the channel. 

I can't believe its not butter
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All of the above, but also access to yet another clubhouse - chatting with me and the rest of the people of the world on the Discord app. This is a free-range forum, much like the already absurd comments section.



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This Patreon page has been created for those who want to support Rich and Carl in creating videos for you.
  Every penny helps us keep the channel going and interesting.
  We hope to provide more and more rewards as time goes by.
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This goes a long way to helping support the channel and the services involved.
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